We are on a mission to create open source bike sharing

Easy bike sharing

We provide a bike sharing platform that is easy to start and easy to scale.

Keyless bike lock

Bike sharing will be awesome and scalable with keyless locks. We will connect to several e-locks and contribute to an open hardware version of an e-lock

Open hard- and software

We love open source. We love work together. We publish everything we create on Github.


Open bike, “Héé where do we go?”

With more bikes than people are the Netherlands the cycling country of the world. Thats sounds great.. but the the shelter houses are full, they can’t take the amount of bikes no more. We keep making and buying new bikes instead of sharing bikes. That is why we developed the concept “Open Bike”. Of any […]

bike locker DSC_6348

Open Lock Hackaton (19+20 August)

At Seats2meet and the Permanet Futurelab people diceded to organise an open hackathon so that the idea of an open source stack / protocol / platform is created to handle Internet of Things lockers. source : open lock doc

Lora LOpik IMG_0816

Lora gateway at Lopik TV tower

The Things Network (Gerard and Thomas) setup a gateway at the radio and television tower IJsselstein / Lopik. It’s located at the Utrecht side of the tower. Now at 100 meter. And planning to be moved to 200 meter. : Gateway Alticom tower IJsselstein / Lopik

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About us

CommonBike is part of a swarm on a mission to create open source bike sharing. We are Connecting to the mesh

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